Raptor Strategies - Corporate
Raptor Strategies - Corporate

Most businesses are successful because they’ve mastered their capabilities and satisfied a demand…and been appropriately rewarded by a marketplace that is brutal in its judgment of both criteria. Still, many firms attempt to engage in non-core functions that are best suited to outsourced entities. Raptor relies only on its demonstrated expertise.

When it comes to corporate communications, Raptor Strategies specializes in the following:

Issue Management and Crisis Communications

Challenges present themselves in a myriad of ways.  Some are subtle, evolving and long-term in nature.  Others, immediate, in-your-face, and temporarily debilitating.  Enter Raptor.

The Chinese character for crisis also contains within it the character for opportunity. Coincidence? We think not. Raptor’s forward thinking dictates that any initially perceived negative situation is also an opportunity to advance your issue, brand, reputation and company. Some competitors only offer defensive strategies when crises occur.  Raptor’s playbook is different. While we offer effective defensive strategies, we simultaneously focus on playing offense for you and your organization. Turning a negative into a positive, we have the expertise and wherewithal to transform your crisis into opportunity. Advantage Raptor.

Media Training and Speech Preparation

Each industry has its own language and culture. The media is no exception. Understanding what the media seeks, and how it operates, is essential to crafting an effective media-training program. Media is certainly more art than science, but the fundamentals must never be overlooked. Having worked within every facet of the media world, our team brings with it a unique experience that will ensure successful media interactions, each and every time. Rest assured, when you are "on the record," with Raptor you’ll be well prepared, confident, and sure to hit all your points.

Executive Visibility and Corporate Profile Management

Whether for you personally, or for your organization as a whole, it has required a tremendous effort to arrive at your current station. How to preserve it…and how to achieve the next level? These are the questions. Raptor offers the answers through battle-tested image strategies, seeking appropriate venues in which to enable a greater audience the opportunity to learn more about what it is you do, how you do it, and why it matters. Image does matter. You can entrust yours with Raptor.