Raptor Strategies - Government
Raptor Strategies - Government

“Hope is not a strategy.”


Historically, those intent upon advancing an agenda, moving legislation, or preserving their interests in Washington have utilized local lobbyists to do so. Just recently, many of those lobbyists began marketing their services as "Strategists." Why? Because traditional lobbying firms recognize that their efforts alone are insufficient to achieve a client’s larger objectives, i.e., your long-term success. But merely changing the lexicon won’t transform an inadequate methodology.

Effective public policy advocacy is dependent upon several factors: timing, access, clarity of message, media receptivity, budget and, of course, the underlying politics of the issue itself. All of these factors must be candidly examined, individually, and as they relate to each other. Only then may a winning campaign be forged. Raptor assists clients in accomplishing this by subjecting all of these factors to our proprietary "Comprehensive Strategic Assessment" (CSA) process.

In the end, the success of your public policy is largely dependent upon the individual architects of your strategy. Bottom line, talent wins. And with Raptor on your side, you are already on your way to a winning formula.

Government Relations - Domestic

Raptor has operated in all fifty states, working on ballot measures, regional and national advocacy issues, local elections and also three separate presidential campaigns. We’ve helped to craft model legislation by working face to face with regulators in most of the nation’s state Capitols. We know advocacy in Washington. We know advocacy in the states. Most importantly, we’ve learned the lessons that dictate which strategies and executions thrive in each.

Government Relations - International

Mobilization on any level requires disciplined thinking, motivational leadership, and an intense strategic focus. When advancing issues on an international level, cultural clarity of message is essential to success. So too, a knowledge of local media, and a sensitivity to the political realities on the ground.

Whether a sovereign nation seeks effective representation in DC, or assistance with U.S. policy styles and tactics in their native land, Raptor has the techniques, strategies and personnel to achieve an optimized result.