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"We live in an age where even the immediate future is beyond prediction. Therefore, we must be absolutely sure of our philosophies and convictions. And, we must be more certain than ever of who we want to be, and more importantly, who we want the public – including media and government – to perceive us to be.  This is where Raptor comes in..."

- David H. Bass

The facts are before us. Newsrooms are shrinking. Media organizations are called upon to do more with less. And their producers, reporters and editors are more overwhelmed than ever before. The days of blast faxing press releases are definitively over (we’ve long regarded them so). What is key, now more than ever, are established relationships, as well as the ability to satisfy an outlet’s particular news demand.

When your issue requires serious and immediate attention, it’s imperative that you have a team on hand to speak one-to-one with relevant media – in their language. Established media relationships are important not only to facilitate ready access and fair and balanced treatment, but also for garnering salient institutional knowledge about a specific publication, and/or the journalists that run it. What’s their history? What’s their writing style? What do they think makes a good story? And how does one most effectively package an issue to meet these criteria? This is Raptor’s sweet spot. With dozens of years of direct experience across all media platforms, Raptor offers the most broad, in-depth knowledge and relationship base to ensure your story is heard – the right way.

Few other firms can boast the breadth of media experience that Raptor offers.  Not only from the editorial and publishing sides of magazines, newspapers and websites, but also from hands on, "in the trenches" experience working with start-ups and launching new publications.  Additionally, we rely upon the media relationships and contacts we’ve forged over nearly 20 years in electoral politics, both in targeted regions, and on the national level with several presidential campaigns.

While we interact with the media daily on behalf of our clients, we have also counted the media among our clients. We’ve counseled U.S. and international news organizations, and our unique knowledge of, and experience with, the Washington, D.C. media market is second to none.

Whether it’s an earned media, viral campaign designed to shore up and activate your grassroots, or a top-end, paid media campaign directed at major Washington or National media, you can be sure that your message will not fall on deaf ears. Issue, product or person. Raptor delivers. Get the door.