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Interview with Robert Kagan
by Quentin Cantu
Diplomatic Courier
Summer 2011
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Interview with PJ Crowley, Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs
by Quentin Cantu
Diplomatic Courier
Fall 2011
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Interview with John Baird, Canada's Foreign Minister
by Quentin Cantu
Diplomatic Courier
Fall 2011
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"But from the name of the group, SABIR,
to the name of the firm handling its PR, Raptor Strategies, the new outfit is projecting an aggressive stance against federal regulation."

David Bass is known in Washington
as an accomplished PR executive and TV commentator, a man with an impressive Rolodex and a fixture on the D.C. social scene.


October 2009

Out of the gates with an attitude,
the firm’s motto is "New Times Demand New Strategies." Specifically, it’s about precision in message delivery. Bass told National Journal that he will operate from a deep and abiding respect for traditional journalism with a keen awareness of the utility of ’new’ media.

National Journal

July 31, 2009


"Raptor will be intentionally different...
from the creativity and breadth and depth of experience we bring to projects, to the hires we make which will enable us to do so."


July 2009

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Washington
Raptor CEO David Bass, tongue firmly planted in cheek, speaks to The Washington Post: "These new members who ran against Washington will play Mr. Smith for a while, but there is a structure, a way of doing things..." Read story.

Washington Post p. A1

November 5, 2010

"{Raptor} won’t be like other behemoth firms that give boilerplate programs and advise all of their clients the same way," says Bass. "We’re creating a hyper aggressive, hyper creative firm that has unique strategies for all our clients."

Politics Magazine

September 2009

David Bass, longtime Washington media consultant, journalist and public relations exec, has launched Raptor Strategies, an aggressive new firm with the tagline, "New Times Demand New Strategies." "We will have plenty of Washington experience on hand," Bass said. "But clients will benefit tremendously from the real experiences and real insights of real business leaders as well."

Potomac Flacks

July 29, 2009

"...uberflack David Bass..."

Washington Post

September 2007