Raptor Strategies - Research
Raptor Strategies - Research

Every successful campaign has a beginning and an end. Questions and answers. Problems and solutions. Hummus and tahini. Since Raptor is all about knowledge (have we made this point sufficiently?), our initial recommendation – time and budget permitting – is that you engage in research.

No matter what anyone else tells you, without this knowledge-base, this essential benchmark understanding of where things stand NOW, you will find yourself in a guessing game. And we’d never spend your money building a coalition, designing an ad campaign, or organizing a media blitz on the strength of a guess.

Research provides quantifiable, verifiable and established facts. Facts regarding the public’s perception…facts about where the opinion leaders stand…facts that define the priorities of your specific set of consumers, or stakeholders.

Not only do we delve in deep to determine exactly what people are thinking about your issues or products, but we test language and messages to find out which resonate most affectively with any given audience. Depending on the specific scenario, we employ any combination of quantitative online or telephone surveys, qualitative focus groups, IDSs, and other instant feedback instruments.

Next to the results, the best thing about our research process is its speed. So even in the tightest time crunches, even dealing with critical crisis management issues, we can turn around decision-grade results in a very short period of time.

Research Capabilities:

Jury Research

Americans’ increasingly short attention spans demand trial presentations that are simple, direct, consistent…and structured around the messages that resonate. The story you tell your jury must be simple and concise. That’s why Raptor has brought together an impressive group of messaging and language experts to help you prepare for trial.

We engage in a full and detailed communications and messaging audit of the entire case. We remove the lawyers, AND their personalities, so we can assess the case on it’s merits…and on the specific words and phrases used by both sides.

The deliverables you can expect from a Raptor jury engagement, aggressively differentiate us from the competition: